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Bullfrog Swim School

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Scheduling Policies 

2 make ups per 10 pack. 

Lessons must be cancelled no later than 8:30am the morning of your lesson to receive a make up. 

Make ups are on Fridays only with a make up instructor, not your original teacher. 

Make-ups are not eligible to be rescheduled, if canceled they are forfeited.

Lessons and make ups expire 10/11/24. Lessons are non refundable. 

Once you have confirmed your swim time and your confirmation has been sent, your schedule is finalized. The make up policies will apply. 

Let us know at time of sign up any dates you can not attend so they do not count towards one of your make ups. 

Call or text swim headquarters immediately in the event you can not come to your lesson, so we may inform your teacher quickly.

If you are late, your lesson will still end at the originally scheduled time. Be on time so your student is calm before the lesson and receives their full time.

Swim instructors are not capable of making any scheduling changes or cancellations.

All scheduling is done via email, not onsite. 

In the event that your instructor or the swim office needs to cancel an appointment, the appointment will be rescheduled with the original instructor and during regular available times.

We are unable to make exceptions to our scheduling policies and treat all swim families fiarly. By scheduling lessons with us, you are agreeing to these policies. We have zero tolerance of abusive behavior towards our wonderful office staff and schedulers. 

Clovis Location Policies  


Bring your own towel and goggles (optional).

Do not park behind the house using the driveway with the sign PRIVATE DRIVE. This is for residents only and you will be asked to move your car or your car may be towed.

Do not disturb residents of the home. Enter the pool area through the gate to the left of the front door.

Arrive to swim lessons 5 minutes before your lesson, no earlier.

Check in at the office window on your first swim lesson to find out which pool you will be in and confirm who your teacher will be.

Sit in the chairs near your designated pool before your lessons to be ready when your teacher calls for you.

Students are not permitted to enter the pool until their teacher calls their name.

We do not permit free swim before or after swim lessons.

Only students enrolled in the lessons are permitted in the pool.

Avoid talking to teachers and students during swim lessons.

Parents are not permitted in the pool. For best results, we do not offer "parent and me" as an option.


Parents/guardians are to stay on the property during swim lessons. We do not permit student's to be dropped off without a guardian.

We will not use our pool toys or goggles for swim lessons to prevent the spread of germs. Please bring pool / bath toys from home, a couple that sink and a couple that float. We have a bag of a variety of toys you can buy for $15.00 at the Hop N Shop.

Swim diapers required for all students 2 yrs old and younger.

Avoid liquids 30 minutes after swim lessons.

You may purchase goggles, towels, swim diapers, and snacks at the Hop N Shop. Do not feed students any snacks until AFTER their lesson.

We prefer you use sun shirts for sun protection instead of sunscreen. Sunscreen will make your student too slippery to hold in the water.

Make sure your student wears heavy clothes over their swimsuit on the 10th lesson to do the I CAN SAVE MYSELF swim test. Jeans and sweatshirts for best results. (Not for adult lessons)

Let the office know by the 9th lesson if you would like Sir Fearless Frog to cheer your child on during the SAVE YOURSELF TEST and have their name announced on the loudspeaker. Payment of $5.00 is made at the office window with cash only.

Home Lesson Policies

It is your responsibility to have a clean and safe pool for lessons. Teachers are not required to teach a lesson if the water is murky and they are unable to see the drain. If teachers arrive and pools are not properly maintained for the lesson, the lesson is canceled and is not eligible for make up. Call by 8:30am in the morning to cancel lessons if you are having pool maintenance problems.

This summer, we will not use our pool toys or goggles for swim lessons to prevent the spread of germs. Please have available pool / bath toys from home that the teachers can use as props; a few that sink and a few that float.

Keep dogs away from instructors at all times.

Only student and teacher should be in the pool during lessons. Keep all other swimmers out of the pool during swim lesson times to avoid becoming distractions. 

Show your instructor the side gate to enter into the backyard. We discourage our instructors from walking through the house.

The instructor will arrive to your home at the scheduled time. The swim lesson timer starts when the instructor is in the pool. Have your student dressed and ready before the instructor arrives to receive your full 30 min lesson. 

Parents are not permitted in the pool. For best results, we do not offer "parent and me" as an option.

Parents are not to leave the property. 

Swim diapers are required for 2 and under.

Avoid eating 2 hours before swim lessons.

Avoid liquids 30 minutes after swim lessons.

Avoid talking to teachers and students during swim lessons.

For your safety, we do not offer adult lessons at home. Adult lessons are only available at our Clovis facility. 

Have your child wear heavy clothes over their swimsuit on the 10th lesson to do the I CAN SAVE MYSELF swim test. Please take pictures and videos and post them on our FB page. We love seeing the results!

Our Approach To Resistant Swimmers 

Prepare students for water submersion by practicing breath control in the bathtub. Encourage them to put their face underwater and blow bubbles. This is strongly encouraged for learning to swim in 10 lessons. Sit next to the bathtub and offer a marshmallow or MnM everytime they put their whole face underwater....instant rewards work great for younger children.

All new swimmers are submerged the first lesson.

Typically, resistant students show more signs of stress during the second lesson.

On average, resistant students become familiar with the routine by the end of the 3rd lesson and begin to enjoy lessons.

If your student is resistant getting into the pool, the instructor will stand in the water and you will hand your student to them. The instructor will not get out of the pool to take them out of your arms, this causes disastrous results.  By handing your student directly to the instructor, you are signaling to your student that they can trust their instructor. 

We have HUGE HEARTS and love our students. However, we also must consider the investment of swim lessons and how important it is to acquire these LIFE SAVING SKILLS. It's a fine line of not pushing enough and pushing too hard. Most of our training is teaching instructors how to balance the the two. If your young child doesn't enjoy, say a dance class, not a big deal, they can quit and find their true passion. But with swim lessons, its a matter of safety and LIFE, it must be done. Although it can be emotionally hard for parents watching their student have tears during lessons, the relief felt when it "clicks" makes it all worth it. Through the emotions, the students bond deeply with their teachers, begin to love to swim, and most importantly know how to SAVE THEMSELVES if they fell in the pool. 

Contact the swim office after the 4th swim lesson if there is not a good connection between student and instructor or lack of progress.

We STRONGLY recommend staying out of sight for the first few lessons for students who have tears and are resisting. You will be amazed at how much faster they calm down and bond to their teacher when they don't see you sitting poolside. Feel free to peek behind a corner, sign, or bush. Just don't let them see you. 

If your child is resistant to swim lessons, do not show up early. Sitting poolside and watching other students struggle can increase their anxiety before even starting their lesson. Instead, show up right at the lesson time and hand them straight to their teacher to prevent anxiety building up.

Do not discuss swimming lessons between lessons until they start to enjoy swimming. Talking too much about lessons can also increase their anxiety. For example, if your resistant student has a lesson in the afternoon, don't discuss first thing in the morning about their swim lesson later that day. Doing so may increase anxiety throughout the day, just let them know a little before the lesson that it's a swim lesson day. Once they have turned the corner and love lessons, you won't be able to get them to stop talking about lessons. Anxiety about swim lessons is normal, age appropriate, and expected. Trust the process, they will pull through it.

Avoid practicing swimming between lessons until your child starts to love it. Sometimes those practice sessions can stress a child even more and they can return to lessons with even more anxiety. If they have pool time between lessons, just let them enjoy the water on their own terms. Insist students ask "Pool Please" before entering the pool to reinforce our teaching at swim lessons.

"We want you to be 100% satisfied. We want you to see progress. We want you to experience quick and easy scheduling. We are passionate about teaching swim lessons and connecting with our community. Do not hesitate to call, text or email with any questions you may have about your experience. We appreciate that you picked us and want to deliver on our promises." -Bullfrog Staff &  Instructors